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Trail, Canada
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Trail, Canada
Member Since: October 27, 2014
Studio Access: YES

Producer Fee: $500
Vocalist Fee: $800

Gender: FEMALE
Country: Canada

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Catherine Sarah Manna

biographical info
48 Inidependant music Awards 98 NOMINATION 8 PLATFORMS 2X GLOBAL MUSIC AWARD winning artist
2017 Rnb SOUL artist of the Year IMCA AND Album lusion wins multiple awards
2014 IMC Best song of the year
2014 IMC Best Artist of the year
2114 IMC Best Easy listening Artist of the year
2014 IMC Best Easy listening recording
2014 IMC Best Easy Listening song
you are beautiful
Message of Love

...........Feeding the mind and spirit KIKI M aka Catherine Manna is a proud Vegan!

singer/songwriters and producers of music and a documentary called 'For the love of the Game" 100 years of Hockey history in Trail Canada.

In 2005 Catherine Performed at the CHIN International Picnic Toronto Ontario Italian day

Blessed to have been invited to perform for Supreme Master Ching Hai in California for a show called "A Celebration of Life" along side Masters of Ceremomy Producer Bernie Williams and Hosts Actress and activist Marianna Toscana,heres what he had to say about Catherine's

"I was totally mesmerized and blown away by your performance" Bernie Williams Producer "What about Bob" "Charlettes Web"

"I loved your performance you are a Goddess" Debra Wilson Actress Comedian Mad TV

Along side of many volenteer work performances and fund raisers for the Canadian Cancer Society Relay for Races Luminary Ceremony in Kelowna where 100,000 dollars was raised for Cancer Resarch, The Humain Society fund raisers, Walk in the Park, and the Peachland music Festival raising awareness against the abuse of Children.

A little History about 'Kiki" Catherine Sarah Manna

Catherine Manna aka Kiki M, was born in Toronto Ontario

into a highly musical and passionate Italian family. At the age of three, Kiki began taking piano lessons, at the Royal Conservatory of Music. Catherine apeared on a popular dance show on Toronto's City "Junior Dance Boogie" at the age of 14, in the mid 70's

In High school being actively involved in Music she became vice-president of the senior choir at Woodlands High School . In fact, she was the first vocalist to sing for the jazz band in the history of Woodlands High.

She sang at Square One Shopping Centre the largest shopping mall in the world at the time. "I started writing music when I was 14, inspired by a music teacher in Italy," "I feel I am an inspirational artist explains Kiki, who had expereinced the presence of angelic energy, during a performance in Kelowna at the Java Express after singing a song she had written called "Are the Angels Listening" on a full moon night

The expereince was written by a local resident "Angel Expert" and Reiki Master Pamela Shelly and

it was published in Issues Magazine, and the song is receiving regular airplay.

I’ve been told by a following of fans that I am a gifted singer, like an angel.

The message is love. That is what my purpose is -to make a difference. Aside from writing music Kiki is writing a few Childrens story's and a spiritual self-help book entitled What Is Love, a process that has emerged from her own spiritual awakening.

I am here to share music, a gift from our Creator, and to make a difference with the message of LOVE and PEACE, To help heal the world.

One small drop of water causes the whole Ocean to Ripple

We all can make a difference, individually by the choices that we make, that will bring about changes that will make this world, a better place, cleaner, brighter, and better all around!

Save our precious rainforests, use free and clear energy resources, be a part of the solution because you can!

Believe in the power of you, and you will succeed!!!

all you need is love

knowlege and know how!! and a plan

make that change today for

Make the

Go Veg, Be green and help heal the world and ....YOU!!

You are loved!!!

Be love, peace, and good health and Longevity!!

Catherine Sarah Manna

Inspiration, ambition, love, it’s all about feeding the mind and ’s the essence of Kiki M. For more information, contact Kiki M: Email:

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