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Philadelphia, United States
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Philadelphia, United States
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Member Since: June 29, 2017
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Producer Fee: $1,000
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Gender: MALE
Country: United States

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My name is Ashan Miller follow me on Instagram @ashanmiller215, and I am a R&B Pop Artist/SongWriter/Actor/Model from Philadelphia. I will create that hit record that you are seeking. I will also collaborate with producers and djs if terms are discussed with my business manager but if you need a song written for the music or backing track. I am the right singer for the job.

I specialized in writing songs for hit records. Pop to R&B I can deliver the record you are seeking from your track. I will turn it into a demo you can deliver to labels or put out.

Turn around time for Vocals (Song is complete with melody) are 7-10 days or less. Turn around time for Writing & Vocals varies (track provided) but can expedite for 7-10 days or less.
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31 plays

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