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Xemasu (
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Ranjau Jiwa

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Country: Malaysia

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Hello fellow artists, hope you guys are doing fantastic!

I am a design darling who happen to have an uh-ma-zing voice (well at least thats what everyone been saying) but I have yet to try my luck in this industry. Recorded couple of songs for Disney Malaysia, jingles and and even my own single in 2014 but decided not to continue with - as the song is just not "me".

I used to perform at weddings etc but just for fun - english, malay, indonesia, french and even hindi songs.
Never thought of singing as my main career, but thanks to this coVid, I think I wanna give it a try.
Im into Jazz and cabaret style kind of songs, so lets see

Lets make something random turning to something awesome!

Ranjau Jiwa

41 plays

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