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London, United Kingdom
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London, United Kingdom

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Member Since: July 18, 2015
Studio Access: YES

Producer Fee: $500

Gender: MALE
Country: United Kingdom

  • Electronica
  • Drum N Bass
  • House
  • Chill Out
  • Indie Dance
  • Nu Disco
  • Rap
  • Big Room House
  • Commercial House
  • Garage
  • Speed Garage
  • Neurofunk
  • Liquid DnB

Multi genre producer, everything from rap to synthpop. Seeking vocalists, songwriters & rappers for collaboration projects. Signed to several Publishing libraries. Offering equal share on all publishing.
Amatuer and professionals welcome to connect. Criteria: Must be able to work remotely. Must be able to complete vocals to a deadline. Also available for remix, mix & master services.
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RnB/Urban Music: Sirj
Indie/Pop Music: Two Cell
EDM: Wicked Ghost Sound

44 plays

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