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Munich, Germany
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Munich, Germany
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Country: Germany

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Hey guys, we are UNiiQX, producers from Munich in Germany.

In the past we have produced music for ourselfs, as well as ghostproduced for others.
Some of our Clients were able to achieve high rankings all over the european charts, gaining them access to collaborations with Akon, Loona and other famous singers.

In the past year we went back in our studio to really nail down some new styles and sounds, because the current Pop and EDM Songs all sounded just too boring to us.

Guess what, we are back! Currently we haves so many different projects which need vocal work, and thats why we are here!

We think a track only achieves a true potential, if it evolves along with the vocals. Thats why we dont deliver a fully produced track, instead we deliver high quality track ideas (which are very far produced), and the rest will come along in the songwriting process.

If you are up for the challenge & collaboration, let us know!

Sascha & Flo

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