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Near Wiesbaden, Germany
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Tonschlacht (
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Near Wiesbaden, Germany
Member Since: December 30, 2019
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Gender: MALE
Country: Germany

  • House
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Tonschlacht started his DJ career in 1995 in his hometown Nordhorn, Germany under his real name and ended it temporarily in 2005. After a long slumber of 13 years, his passion for music awoke again. Tonschlacht has been producing #House since 2019. His tireless creativity is based on the vision to create unforgettable moments with his music for his fans. Tonschlacht is also inspired by his own unforgettable moments in which music plays a major role. Tonschlacht is convinced that music connects people peacefully, no matter how different they are.
He lives with his partner in Stuttgart, Germany.

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