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Sometimes the dance music industry is given a gift in the form of a vision. That vision encompasses what is considered the norm. Yet, it breaks the mold and steadily builds outward. Aligned solely with one of the industry greats, Still Young is that vision. Born and bred within the roots of dance music, Still Young sought out and garnered the support of one solitary artist Steve Angello.

Talented and eclectic, Still Young has filled the ears of millions of listeners already. They have released some of the biggest records on Size and consistently chart in Beatport's Top 10. With over 6 Million Spotify plays on their latest single, a remake of Bob Marley's "Is This Love", Still Young is humbled and motivated for 2018.

Unknown to the world, the mystery behind Still Young serves a purpose. Not fueled by gimmick haircuts or masks, Still Young wants the music to hit your ears first and change your perspective of what quality electronic dance music means. Driven mad in the studio, major tunes lay ahead for the Canadian duo ... 2020 will be the year that the world finally gets to meet the men behind Still Young. More music, more shows and a new vision is approaching. Just ask Steve Angello, he hears the vision as well.

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