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Sydney, Australia
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PhilMaxwell (
  • Male Vocalist

Sydney, Australia
Wake Up

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It Was Tried

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Member Since: June 11, 2017
Studio Access: YES

Gender: MALE
Country: Australia
Microphone: Ashton

  • Electronica
  • Electro
  • House
  • Chill Out
  • Folk
  • Deep House
  • Future House

  • English

Sounds Like: Phil Collins 0 Tal Bachman 0 Chris Cornell 0 Staind 0 Adam Levine 0

Vocal Styles: Rock 0

Vocal Characteristic: Crisp 0 Smooth 0 Strong 0 High 0

Coming from New Zealand, Phil moved to Australia in 2010 to really push into the music scene and start writing proficiently.
In 2015 Phil Brought out his first self titled EP with three songs Wake Up, Words and Ballet Dancer all available where good music is heard and sold. This was a testing of the waters on style and genre as all three songs are comparatively different.

Coming into 2018 Phil joined up with Damon. Bringing together the relaxed vibes from Trip Hop and combining them with Ballard Rock Type vocals and a slice of folk, they created Inner Suspects. Nailing down their sound they started releasing music in 2020 and you can hear their Dark Trip Hop style on your preferred listening platform.
Wake Up

11 plays

It Was Tried

4 plays

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