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Philadelphia, PA, United States
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Philadelphia, PA, United States
Still Got A Hold On Me

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I’m a female singer, topliner, songwriter, lyricist, and jingle writer. I love writing for / collaborating with artists, producers, etc. If you’re interested in working with me, I’d love to make your song come to life! Feel free to message me!


Nicole Zell is an established solo artist, former guitarist for alternative rock band, American Wolves, and current lead singer of pop band, THRILLCHASER. While her career as a singer, multi-instrumental musician, and touring performer is impressive, Nicole has always been a songwriter and lyricist - first and foremost. Over the years, Nicole has honed her craft by writing hundreds of songs, co-writing and collaborating globally, and working in numerous genres spanning from pop, indie pop, alternative rock, country pop, folk, soul, spoken word, to rap. Some of her notable achievements include writing/singing on a single which appeared on Dancin' on Air (TV show) on FUSE network in 2016, writing/singing on THRILLCHASER's debut record released in February 2018, and writing/singing on THRILLCHASER's sophomore album due to be released in 2020.
Still Got A Hold On Me

12 plays

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