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Sacramento, United States
Beyonce- freedom acoustic

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Hello, Talented People, My name is Courtney Bridgeman and I am a vocalist in the Northern California area (Sacramento). A little about me. I grew up singing in church ( like most) I had/have a group with two of my siblings and my mother in which she and my twin brother are musicians. I have always considered myself a background singer because I was to scared to put myself in front. But one day I had someone record me, and I heard how I sound to other people and let me tell you. YOU CANT STOP ME NOW. I love the art of singing, and the way it makes me feel is indescribable, I currently sing a lot in my community doing karaoke and background supporting for local gospel/R&B artist. I have even had the opportunity to sing at weddings, funerals, birthday parties, church events, and I was featured on a single doing lead background vocals for a local recording artist.

What I'm hoping to accomplish here is to find a producer/songwriter to help me on this journey I want to sing/record original music.

Beyonce- freedom acoustic

73 plays

Beyonce 1+1

25 plays

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