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Kyrenia, Cyprus
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Greylight (
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Kyrenia, Cyprus
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Member Since: October 24, 2016
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Gender: FEMALE
Country: Cyprus
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Münevver Oshan, better known under her stage name Greylight is a Cypriot singer songwriter and DJ. Münevver was born in the medditerranian island of Cyprus in 1990. Her musical journey started at the age of nine with the children’s hit songs album titled ‘Gokkusagı’ which became a great success in both Turkey and Cyprus. Following the release of her album she was chosen to attend the State Conservatory of Music in Ankara Turkey at the age of ten. Due to unforseen circumstances she had to return to Cyprus and continue state school, unfortuney leaving her musical studies. After sixteen years away from the music industry her life took a dramatic turn with a series of fortunate events, starting with the encounter of a mysterious painter in Amsterdam. During the next few days lyrics were flowing through her mind, so she decided to put pen to paper and go on to record acapellas and upload them in order to share her talent, which caught the attention of lots of producers including Nick Nittolli. Shortly after this brake through Greylight expanded her horisons and was on a plane to California, stepping into the studio and collaberating with the great producer Nick Nittolli to re commence her music career.
contest Ferry

320 plays

game of thrust

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