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Leeds, United Kingdom
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River Roots - Matt (
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Leeds, United Kingdom

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Member Since: April 22, 2014
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Gender: MALE
Country: United Kingdom
Microphone: zoom h6 / sm58a beta

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Free spirited duo River Roots (Matt Harrington & Gem Neilan) are a singer-songwriter acoustic folk-roots couple from UK, delivering conscious mind opening music from the heart.
Immerse yourself in the healing harmonies as the good-vibes and positive energy uplifts your soul.

Inspired by the profound experiences and connections they have made on their travels, River Roots take the audience on a unique heart felt journey. A gentle transition, as they seamlessly weave between soothing melodies to funky upbeat feel-good songs.
Matt originally from Leeds, kick started the musical journey while the duo were travelling Australia 2012. Inspired by the beautiful surroundings and easy going vibes, his flow of creative writing was ignited. In 2015, the music naturally became a co-creation as partner and vocalist Gem originally from Manchester, blended into the mix, evolving the music into River Roots. The chemistry between the singer-songwriting soul mates is real, and their authentic selves shine through their live performances.

“Our mission is to spark inspiration and ignite passion in people to transform their reality.
Music is powerful and true magic, we want to help spread it to the world.”

Festival History

UK: Glastonbury, Boomtown Fair, Boardmasters, Beat-Herder, The Green Gathering, How The Light Gets In, Wonder fields , Buddhafield, GoldCoast Ocean, Eden, Small World, Into The Wild, Maui Waui, Sunrise Celebration, All About Love , Something to Smile About, Little Big Gig, Audio Farm, Bimble Bandada ,Stone Henge Solstice, Soul Circus, Off Grid, Spirit, Seed, Conscious Camp, Wilderness Gathering, Sundara, Sun and Moon, Wayfarer, Monmouth, Salford Music.

New Zealand: Wanderlust, Luminate, Evolve, Aum, New Zealand Spirit, Voices of Sacred Earth, Resonance Karamea, International Yoga, Organic Mechanic, Love Lake.

Europe: Pachamama (CH), Landjuweel (NL), Sounds of Spirit (CH), AGNI Spirit (ES), Tribal Gathering (CZ), Sacred Dance Gathering (CH), Pilsen Busking (CH), Jam (DE).
Australia: New Paradigm, Nimbin Roots, March Against Monsanto, Spring Eve, Rock The Gate.

Asia: Bali Spirit (ID), Jai Thep (TH), Pachamama Spirit (TH), Quest (VN), 420 (KH).

Support slots: Dirtwire at Omeara London. Undercover Hippy in Hebden Bridge. Tubby Love & Amber Lily, Franko Heke in New Zealand.

2018 marked the release of their self-titled debut album, recorded and produced by L. Henry Sarmiento of Sonic Vista Studios (Clients include Lady Gaga, 50 Cent, Swedish House Mafia, Taio Cruz, Akon, Ting Tings, Mousse T. and many more).
River Roots songs have been featured on Radio BBC Introducing a number of times.
Their popular track ‘Bare feet’ won best folk song of the year on the ‘2020 Reddit Grammy Awards’.

River Roots upcoming sophomore album Coalescence will be released August 2020.

39 plays

Soul Beats

1 play

Weaving Flows

2 plays

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