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I am Laurens. A friendly fellow from the Netherlands, living in beautiful Transylvania, Romania. In daily life I am flying, but whenever I have time I am busy with my real passion; MUSIC.

I am inspired by artists like Armin van Buuren, Ben Böhmer, Above and Beyond, TYCHO and many others. I can produce anything as long as it sounds groovy and moving! I am using Ableton as a DAW. I have a Yamaha Keyboard and Korg synth. in my "homestudio". I also use ADAM T5V monitors.

Mainly I like to produce Trance, Chillout, Future House, Synthwave, EDM, and Tech/Tropical House. My target is to release my very first album at the end of 2019/ begin 2020 with the mystical and dreamy mood I like to set in all of my productions.

I am always in for collaborations! Just text me, I don't bite :)
Just A Little

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