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Los Angeles, United States

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Hola I'm Joslynn! Thanks for visiting my profile. I'm originally from South Jersey, but recently I've moved to the west coast to continue my career in the performing arts. I'm a lover of good music no matter the style. I'm a professionally trained vocalist. I've been singing since I was 4 and writing lyrics and melodies since I was 12. Within the last couple of years I've been writing lyrics, coming up with melodies and creating memorable hooks for other artists. It's been such an adventure and I can't wait to collab with more artists on this platform! In my showreel you'll find
Limitless, a collab with Coleurs music. I came up with the melody and wrote the lyrics for the bridge as well as sang lead vocals.
Pinocchio, another collab with a solo artist. I came up with both english and spanish lyrics, melody and lyrics for the pre chorus, chorus and bridge and I sang lead vocals.
I also have a great ear for harmonies.

Thanks again for checking out my profile. Lets make some music!

204 plays

Shut Up and Dance Cover

4 plays


48 plays

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