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Johnyy J

Velke Heraltice, Czechia
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Johnyy J (
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Velke Heraltice, Czechia
Member Since: May 13, 2021
Studio Access: YES

Gender: MALE
Country: Czechia

  • Electro
  • House
  • Big Room House

  • English

1/ DJ & Producer from the Czech Republic
2 / Wolfrage Recordings, Nimi Records (Netherlands)
3/ 'Distance' is out now!

Johny J is 23 DJ and Producer of the EDM genre. He comes from a small village near Opava city in the Czech Republic. He started DJing at the age of 16 and a year later, started his own production and performance at the first small events.

As time went on, he started driving around the Czech Republic more and started playing larger events. It's 2021 and he released a track called "Playthings" on the Dutch label Nimi Records. He also acted on Helax Radio, in the program Drajf. His deep house set was broadcast on the Lounge TV program all over Europe.


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