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Hi! Jaye

I'm an 18 year old producer and composer from the North West of England, and I'm eager to work with producers and vocalists alike. Whilst not entirely recognised in the industry, my ability to write the catchiest melodies and ideas, in both simple or complex ways, is on par with songwriters creating worldwide hits right now.

Coming from a varied background, ranging from Jazz to Rock to Classical, I have an apt understanding of what makes music work well, which makes working with me very straightforward and efficient, especially if a vocalist comes to me with a melody, I'll have a song laid out in minutes.

On my account, you'll find (mostly) electronic music which draw inspiration from the aforementioned styles, but that's not the only areas of music that I can cover, by any means.

I do not currently have access to a studio, but that is something I'm very eager to rectify.

I look forward to working with you, I can assure you that giving me a chance will be the best choice you never thought you'd make. :)
Jaye - Lifetime

68 plays

Jaye - Faith

41 plays
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AnnaYC said...
"Jaye is wonderful to work with! Very professional, great music! :)"
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