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Grasscandy’s first song, Somari, has the support of Focus (Beatmaker of Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, & more) and OVO (Drake’s label). Run, the second one will be out end of 2017, or 2018, is already supported by Dim Mak (Steve Aoki ’s label), interesting Barong (Yellow Claw), and many more.

The finished tracks collection that is presenting is blending many styles. An incredible demonstration of different phases, intensity balances and depth, that show what Grasscandy’s able to do. Marked of a sharp Hip Hop Vibe, Grasscandy add his Future/Chill Bass vision to many kind, from Trap to House.

Actually based in Amsterdam, this 20 years producer use perfectly those high and powerful sonorities of our favorite artists on that kind. With no doubt, Grasscandy is the artist to follow in the next months.

49 plays

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