Bucharest, Romania
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GiuliaMihai (
  • Female Vocalist

Bucharest, Romania
You said Goodbye

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Martin Garrix-Pizza-vocals

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Member Since: April 15, 2017
Studio Access: YES

Vocalist Fee: $400

Gender: FEMALE
Country: Romania
Microphone: Sony Vegas

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Sounds Like: Rihanna 0 Celine Dion 0 Natalia Oreiro 0 Thalia 0 Dua Lipa 0 Inna 0 Mariah Carey 0

Vocal Styles: A Capella 0 Musical Theatre 1 Pop Diva 1 Choir 0 Classical 1 Diva 0 Opera 1 Pop Divo 0 Rap 0 Reggae 0 Soulful 0 Spoken Word 0

Vocal Characteristic: Deep 0 High 1 Silky 0 Smooth 0 Crisp 0 Strong 0

GIULIA MIHAI-romanian EDM singer.

Giulia Mihai,born in Ploiesti on ,is a young and talented pop dance and EDM roumanian exercising her voice with many covers of famous songs,which she had uploaded on the interned,Giulia received collaboration offers from some well-know DJs in Romania,Italy,Sweden,Portugal,Spain,the UK and the most important song are Come Back-En la Playa released by Naughty family record label on in collaboration with Ionut Murgoci aka DJ Delyno and sung with Dutch Diamond,a well-known and talented American beautiful summer song inspiring you to dance and party on the beach!
The song was very well received by the public,quicly getting the attention of many radio stations in the whole wide world and having numerous remixes done by DJs around the CITY OF LOVE followed,a song in collaborationwith Dan de March,aka Dandeej,a renowned Italian DJ,well-knownfor successsful remixes done for famous artist such as INNA,Albert One,ELLIE White,Sasha Lopez,Mattyas,Yamira,Belle, cool housy song,passionately interpreted by Giulia takes us to the special universe of house dance was comprised in the international compilation made by DJ SERGIO-Diskoteca OF LOVE was released on by Sunset songs released in 2015 followed,such as:Flamenco Amor,Besos Caramelos released by ELECTROIN-MegaRecording from Armenia,Calor-in collaboration with the italian DJs Markus Lanzer and Marco Martonara,Fanatica de tu alma,Perdoname,Giulia is also drawn to slow,romantic,gothic and film music,especially the songs created by two special composers,Adrian von Ziegler and Brunuh are two young and very talented composers from Germania and Portugal,with a large number of views on YouTube,running into hundreds of are the creators of a different kind of music,Goth,Celtic,epic and emotional music where the Giulia's voice and lyrics fit perfectly and create a unique,surreal atmosphere.
Giulia Mihai (Ploiesti, Romania)with Greg Sletteland-LA-USA- broke through Apple Music with two #1 Apple Music Albums -- #1 2017 2016 Tech House Albums (Spring 2017 Miami & DJ Top 100 Chart Best EDM: 2016) & #4 Album 2017 House (DJ Has Arrived) featuring songs including DJ Is Spinning (Apple Music #1 2017 Ibiza song, #2 2017 House Song), I Love You In My Dreams Feat. Giulia Mihai (Apple Music #1 2017 Tropical House), & It's Party Time Feat. MC Freeflow (Apple Music #3 2017 House Song
You said Goodbye

336 plays

Martin Garrix-Pizza-vocals

1317 plays

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