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Sky Scraping (Instrumental)

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Heaven (instrumental)

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Producer/Songwriter/artist, very passionate about music. I've been producing and writing for almost 10 years now. Recently, I've been focusing more on dance music but I don't like to limit myself to one genre. One of my strengths, in my opinion, is creating a great and memorable melodic (vocal) hook that compliments my instrumentals perfectly. I have a bunch of instrumentals from over the years but a select few that have complete lyrics and are ready to record, which obviously are my top priority ; Especially one in particular that I think can be a hit. I'm looking for a variety of vocalists but also possibly someone who can be my "go to" on future projects. Being passionate and collaborative are big pluses, I have a vision for my tracks but am very open to creative input, as my main goal is to create music that will stand the test of time. Where people will play it, not only for a few months but will go back 5-10-30 years from now and still appreciate the work. So please don't be shy, I'm new to vocalizr but I think it's a great opportunity for us to make some beautiful music together.


Frankie G
Sky Scraping (Instrumental)

49 plays

Heaven (instrumental)

9 plays
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"Great experience working with Frankie! Top notch production. Would definitely work with him again!"
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