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Eds (
  • Producer

Member Since: May 30, 2017
Studio Access: YES

Producer Fee: $300

Gender: MALE
Country: Taiwan

  • Progressive House
  • House
  • Chill Out
  • Deep House
  • Tropical House
  • Future House
  • Big Room House
  • Commercial House

  • English
  • Mandarin

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Edison Mo
Music Producer/Remixer/DJ

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Collaborating :
I'm always looking forward to working with other great people if your a vocalist or producer that want to clollab hit me up!
I use Ableton Live to make all my sounds if you

When it comes to exciting young DJ & Producers it's hard to not look at Edison Mo, Better Known as Eds
Started out in 2006 as a hip-hop Dj and by Winning a few Taiwan DMC Competitions, he started to gain attention, After DJing for 6 Years all over Taiwan, Eds have decided to take his craft to another level by crafting his own sound. recently he has Been focusing on his unique sound, That brings A lot of Happiness to the crowd, making the tropical vibe happy lead sounds from EDM to Tropical to Future even Progressive, there isn't a specific genre that he makes, but it's all very melodic and has his own taste of craft.
and have been working with some great artists around the globe. Even some from the major label in Taiwan.
His releases have been supported by some major blogs such as @nocopyrightsounds, @epicvibesmusic, @future-bassnet, @mrrevillz, @melodic-sounds and more…
Eds has been working on his new full alum at the moment and will be pushing out more Free Music for the people that support him on the net.

Eds Competition and winning experience
Shenmu and children, "Lai Ming-Wei" exclusive DJ
2006 Taiwan DMC 2nd Place
2006 Northern Taiwan DMC Final 4th Place
2009 Taiwan DMC 3rd Place
2010 Taiwan DMC 3rd Place

By the way please have a good time here and stay awesome for all time.
Thank you for all the support and love.
Remember to share your love out, if my work made you happy!!

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再早一點的風格則更不用說了,堅實的HIP HOP SCRATCH,混著住在南非期間帶回來的民族風格新血,融合得洽到好處,證明了EDS技巧上的早熟,並也以此打出名號。他有著非常豐富的表演經驗,場子掌控永遠不必擔心,當他可以放著自己想要的音樂時,就算是最害羞的舞客也會不自覺的敞開心胸跳起舞來。

帶著更強的企圖和野心重新出發,靠著穩固且堅強的基礎技巧(DMC的得獎記錄可說是最佳佐證),還有著更多的想法,準備端出最猛最深的料來馴服觀眾。他期許自己可以為台灣的音樂文化注入一些不同的元素,並秉著”Find Your Self In The World” 精神向所有人傳達快樂且瘋狂的訊息。


神木與童 “賴銘偉”專屬DJ
2006年台灣區 DMC 第 2 名
2006年台灣區 DMC 北區決賽第4名
2009年台灣區 DMC 參賽選手
2010年台灣區 DMC 台灣 第3名

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