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London, United Kingdom
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EEllingsen (
  • Female Vocalist

London, United Kingdom
Member Since: May 7, 2018
Studio Access: YES

Gender: FEMALE
Country: United Kingdom
Microphone: Rode NT1-A

  • Techno
  • House
  • Chill Out
  • Prog Rock
  • Country / Western
  • Blues
  • Hard Rock
  • Folk
  • Commercial House

  • English

Sounds Like: Robyn 0

Vocal Styles: A Capella 0 Choir 0 Classical 0 Country 0 Musical Theatre 0 Pop Diva 0 Rock 0 Spoken Word 0

Vocal Characteristic: High 0 Low 0 Silky 0 Smooth 0 Strong 0

A Norwegian musical theatre preformer, who is currently working and living in Oslo.
I have a lot of experience with studio work, most resently released my solo debut album.
I have done both backing vocals and toplines, for a variety of bands and artists, in different genres. (Infringement, Il Brutto, Clive Nolan - to name a few)

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