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Bauru, Brazil
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Member Since: February 22, 2017
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Gender: MALE
Country: Brazil

  • Techno
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Dropboxx, definitely helps to put São Paulo countryside on the map of electronic music due to their remarkable achievements. Dropboxx collects successful tracks and remixes released worldwide by well-known labels such as Fat Boy Slim’s Skint Records - The track “Prove It To Me” received a special Paolo Mojo remix and hit #9 on Traxsource TOP10 -Deep-house Chart. Many other tracks were featured, including a release by Olivier Giacomotto and John Acquaviva’s Definitive Recordings that reached #16 on Beatport - Tech-House Chart. Dozens of these and other new tracks were charted by names such as Amine Edge & DANCE and heard on various live sets, all released also by labels such as ERYN, King Street Records, Lo Kik, Zero Eleven, PPMusic, KDB Records and Witty Tunes.

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