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Candy Stone

New York City, United States
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Candy Stone (
  • Female Vocalist

New York City, United States
REEL- Pop/EDM originals & covers

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Member Since: December 26, 2014
Studio Access: YES

Gender: FEMALE
Country: United States

  • Country / Western
  • Blues

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Singer/Songwriter with 11 years professional experience.
Versatile in all genres with extensive studio experience as a session vocalist, guest artist and co-songwriter. Degree in contemporary music and vocal production.
I have live and studio performance experience in most genres - classical, pop, rock, jazz, country, blues and RnB/hip hop.
Provided vocals and co-written 3 radio singles.
Music and storytelling are my passion - i love to collaborate and find new sounds and ways to use my voice across all genres.
REEL- Pop/EDM originals & covers

303 plays
yan said...
"I Must give Candystone a score of 5 stars,just be a little patient,and the result is amazing,you get very clean vocals.You don"t have alot of singers that feels the music, and brings the track to the next level.Very Good Work.."
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