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Springfield, United States
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Springfield, United States

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Country: United States
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Known for his powerful and dynamic vocals, Caleb Allen began his professional music career at the age of 5, performing with his family, an internationally-acclaimed Gospel group. At the age of 9, he received first place in a national talent search. He also had his first original charting radio single at age 12. As a teenager, Allen wrote one Top 40 and three Top 80 radio singles for his family. During his tenure with the group, they were nominated for three New Group Of The Year awards. He also starred in TLC’s original pilot, Home Sweet Bus, in 2013.

Allen’s music, heavily influenced by artists like Meghan Trainor, A Great Big World, and Walk The Moon, features a flair for crafting a creative lyric and captivating melody. His fun-filled songs, positive lyrics, and vivacious performances offer an unparalleled tribute to joy, love, and hope.

88 plays

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