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Member Since: January 2, 2020
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Gender: MALE
Country: Canada

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Jordon Keith Schimelfenig (born August 27, 1990), known professionally as Auro, is a Canadian Musician, record producer, and DJ based in Lloydminster Saskatchewan. Auro was born in Saskatoon Saskatchewan but grew up on a farm just outside of Lloydminster Saskatchewan. Being raised in the rural prairies of Canada, Auro has experienced music in all forms. Country music was what was playing on the radio where he grew up, his parents were '80's “metal heads” and his grandfather was part of a bluegrass band. However, Auro found his passion in electronic music. Auro was raised in a musical family, most of his relatives playing a variety of instruments and are vocalists. Auro himself is also a multi instrumentalist. Guitar, drums, and synthesizer are his weapons of choice. Beyond the music, Auro has a passion for sports, automobiles, and family.

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