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Anahi Navarrete

Mexico City, Mexico
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Anahi Navarrete (
  • Female Vocalist

Mexico City, Mexico

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Member Since: August 3, 2022
Studio Access: YES

Vocalist Fee: $100

Gender: FEMALE
Country: Mexico
Microphone: AKGP220

  • Folk
  • Commercial House
  • Rock
  • Indie Rock
  • Pop
  • Latin

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Vocal Styles: A Capella 0 Diva 0 Pop Diva 0 Rock 0

Vocal Characteristic: High 0 Silky 0 Strong 0

Hi there! My name is Anahi. I’m a professional vocalist, songwriter, composer and producer from MXC. I have more than 10 years of experience in making music and collaborating with other artists. -I would describe my voice as a mix of power and softness. -I can record vocals for your chorus, bridge or full song, whether that be lead vocals, backing vocals, harmonies or ad libs. -The genres that I can perform best are indie, pop,rock, pop rock and EDM. I am excited to be a part of your project!

207 plays


39 plays

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