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London, United Kingdom
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London, United Kingdom
Fool for You - Alya Elouissi

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Set me on fire (studio cover)

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If I Ain't Got You (studio cover)

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Member Since: August 24, 2016
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Gender: FEMALE
Country: United Kingdom
Microphone: SHURE C606

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"With her attractive voice, you will feel her voice inside your soul, the lyrics of the song will make you feel like living in another world. You will wish to hear her voice until the last breath in your life."
Keep Walking Music

"Sheer surprising amounts of passion and emotion that seems to pour alongside Alya’s voice and it just makes for some real nice, uplifting listening."
Sounds Good

I work in pop, jazz, soul, alternative, house, EDM and other genres. I specialize in vocals (lead, backing vocals), topline, vocal arrangement, vocal harmonies, songwriting. 
In addition to my training in classical, pop, jazz, soul and musical theatre singing styles, I also studied vocals at the Goldsmiths University of London - Music Department and, have extensive experience of live performing and studio session work as both a lead and backing vocalist.  

I'm active on the UK and international music scene and have been working with many international vocal coaches, multi platinum producers and songwriters for 8 years now. I got the 2nd Award for Best Female Singer at RBE Awards 2018 in London and performed at "Theatrical novel" Awards 2019 in Moscow, Opening ceremony of European Mobility Week 2020 in Ljubljana and was representing my hometown Ljubljana at Chengdu International Sister Cities Youth Music Festival in 2020 and 2021. At 24th International Music Festival FENS 2019 I won 3rd place with my song "Iz Rusije z ljubeznijo".

My debut single The One, an inspiring pop ballad has been played on numerous radio stations and gained excellent reviews in some of the top music blogs and magazines. My debut EP My Love has received great reviews and has been aired on some major radio stations in England, USA, Mexico, Brazil and Slovenia.

As a songwriter I'm taking inspirations from my own life experience, my aim is to deliver my message of love and life to everyone. Compelling lyrics, catchy, narrative and delightful pop melodies are displayed in my music and performances.

I'm also a professional actress (graduated from the acting faculty of the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts - GITIS in Moscow) and I always apply my performance & acting skills to my singing and songwriting as a storyteller, whether it to be a very emotional and intimate song or simply a joyful tune.

I'm fluent in 6 languages and I'm able to sing and write in these languages (English, French, Russian, Slovenian, Arabic, Serbo-Croatian).

Look forward to hearing from you and let's create some amazing music together!
Fool for You - Alya Elouissi

55 plays

Set me on fire (studio cover)

9 plays

If I Ain't Got You (studio cover)

22 plays

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