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Nottingham, United Kingdom
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AlexJones (
  • Male Vocalist
  • Producer

Nottingham, United Kingdom
Adventurer - Reality

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Member Since: June 16, 2017
Studio Access: YES

Producer Fee: $500
Vocalist Fee: $400

Gender: MALE
Country: United Kingdom
Microphone: Blueberry Blue

  • Progressive House
  • Electro
  • Chill Out
  • Indie Dance
  • Prog Rock
  • Blues
  • Folk
  • Deep House
  • Tropical House
  • Future House
  • Big Room House
  • Commercial House

Sounds Like: Shaun Mendes 1

Vocal Styles: Pop Divo 0 Rock 0

Vocal Characteristic: Crisp 0 Strong 2

Vocalist and producer. (Left in profile picture). Have had millions of streams online via Spotify, Youtube etc.

I have signed tracks to labels like Armada, Revealed, Ultra. And I work with some of the biggest writers in the pop music industry.

I'm 25 years old, from the UK, and have been singing and playing a number of instruments since a very young age.

I obtained my Degree with Honours in Popular Music Production and Music Technology roughly 4 years ago, and since then have toured around the world, and continue to frequently travel to work with incredible artists.
Adventurer - Reality

1327 plays

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