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Melbourne, Australia
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Melbourne, Australia
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EDM & Pop specialist

Hi, my name's Andrew, better known as Achilles! Let me tell you a bit about what I

Classically & technically trained, I use modern audio engineering to give your music the sonic edge over the competition.

But technical ability alone doesn't produce hits. Great records start as great songs, so I work closely with each & every client to help them achieve, not only great mixes & masters, but great productions too.

I've produced / engineered / written songs that have gained millions of streams, been supported by huge names such as Tiesto, MORTEN, Dada Life, Andrew Rayel, Maurice West, Mark Sixma, MaRLo & Kryder as well as labels like Spinnin', Kontor, Soave, Zero Cool, Teamwrk, RNM, Ensis, Down2Earth, SWUTCH, Hoop, Alveda + more.

In summary, I help you to sound your absolute best.

What I do:

- Mixing
- Mastering (including stem mastering)
- Vocal Production
- Tutoring/Mentorship
- DJ Promo-Listing

My studio is here in Melbourne. A city with a rich musical culture.

To learn more and hear more of my portfolio head to

If you have any questions please do get in touch and I'll be more than happy to answer them.
2021 Studio Reel

2 plays

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